First One!!

A few people have told me I should blog so I’m finally doing it. I’ll write about what’s going on in my life but mostly I’m going to write about my “adventures” in dieting. I experiment with a lot of diets – not for weight loss, but because it is truly interesting to experience the world of food when you have certain food restrictions – and I will chronicle my experiences here. I also go on these diets because I want to be a dietitian and I want to know what works and what doesn’t. What’s healthy and what isn’t. I’ll admit that at some point I plan to go on some diets just to prove they don’t work. And I will go on some to prove they do work. I’m currently right in the middle of a cleanse called “Clean.” I’ll write another post on this soon but I have to go eat dinner and do some homework. And, thanks (or no thanks – that’s still up in the air) to a few people, I’m now a “morning person,” and my bedtime is fast approaching. Goodnight and Go Ducks!


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