Gary Taubes

Today’s the last official day of Clean but I’m going to do the Elimination Diet for a few more days so I’ll write about that when I’m all the way done. Right now I want to talk about Gary Taubes. Who is Gary Taubes? One really smart guy. Especially when it comes to Why We Get Fat. Gary has no background in nutrition. He majored in physics, aerospace engineering and journalism at three prestigious schools and now he has a very successful career as an investigative reporter. He originally wrote about physics but for the past several years has been writing about nutrition.

I discovered Gary in a Reader’s Digest at the beginning of this year. I never read Reader’s Digest but I was in a doctor’s office and the cover of this particular issue caught my eye. I picked it up and only had time to read the first few paragraphs, but I tucked Gary’s name away in my brain and looked him up when I got home. I discovered he had written a book called Good Calories Bad Calories in 2007 and had just written a new book – Why We Get Fat. I got both books and read them (it took me a long time – I just finished the other day). While I was reading GCBC I got the opportunity to see Gary speak at Cal Tech. After seeing him speak I completely believed what he was saying and writing. He changed my views on what is the most effective and healthy way to lose weight and eat.

So, what does Gary write? If you’re familiar with the Atkins Diet then you pretty much get the main idea. Gary (and I) believe that carbohydrates are what make our bodies store fat. More specifically, carbohydrates cause the secretion of insulin which in turn makes our bodies store fat. Insulin is secreted in response to an increase in blood glucose (blood sugar) levels. Protein and fat do not cause an increase in blood sugar and therefore don’t cause the secretion of insulin. Carbohydrates do. He does a fantastic job of explaining all of the scientific details and evidence in both books. I believe everyone should read WWGF. If you have more of a scientific background and want more details, read GCBC as well. Visit his website too.

Overall, I think everyone’s body is different and everyone’s body has a different sensitivity to carbohydrates and insulin, but I believe this is the safest and most effective way to lose weight. If you want to know more about my thoughts and feelings on Gary and his books, talks, articles, please ask me! These are some of my favorite things to talk about and I’d love to talk about them with you. Have a great weekend. Go Ducks!


3 thoughts on “Gary Taubes

  1. I haven’t read either book, but I did take a look at a review of GCBC. The reviewer stated that Taubes had associated exercise with possibly causing weight gain due to an increase in appetite. My own experience was actually the opposite. A couple years ago, I took up running, mainly to help with lowering cholesterol and to increase stamina. But pleasantly, another result was about a 15 lb. weight loss. I didn’t consciously change my eating habits and I actually do remember being less hungry if I ran before eating. Maybe the timing of the exercise makes a difference in appetite. And what else could explain my loss of weight other than the increase in exercise?

  2. I was reading Good Calories Bad Calories last night, and I thought to myself, “Maybe smoking isn’t REALLY bad us. Maybe the government has overreacted, misunderstood, or otherwise misinformed the public about the dangers of smoking, just like they did with saturated fat” I did not go out and buy a pack of cigarettes, I can’t afford them, but anyway, it was an interesting thought. Sunscreen? Crack-cocaine? Rap music? What else have we gotten all wrong???

    1. That is a very interesting thought. GT references the turn on cigarettes a few times (not sure which book/books). He compares carbs to cigarettes. Some sunscreens cause cancer so someone needs to write a book about that…..

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