Clean II

I’ve been a little busy with school and travel lately (not complaining) and haven’t been able to find the time to write another post. But it seems I have found that time now so here we go.
I officially finished Clean on 10/16 then did 5 1/2 days of the elimination diet to ease myself back into the “unclean” world. Clean was good. I enjoyed it. I can’t say I learned a ton from it but, as is the case when I experiment with any diet, I found explaining what I was doing to people I was eating with the hardest part. I’ve found that people either look at me like “oh good for you for dieting” because we live in a society where, I believe, dieting is looked at as some sort of accomplishment (no matter what your size or body composition), or they’ll look at me with a look that says “why in the world would you want to restrict what you can eat.” People are especially confused when I tell them I’m not doing it to lose weight. The truth is, I am super interested in my body and especially how it reacts to food or groups of food. I’ve found that most people don’t understand this. I didn’t have this problem as much as when I do Atkins (or when I do my juice cleanse, I’m sure haha) because it was easier to look like I was eating normally on Clean, but I still experienced it a little. Besides this, I also learned to look at food in terms of toxins and the effect the food would have on my GI tract. Normally I tend to look at food in terms of where it came from, what went into its preparation (processing, ingredients) and its carbohydrate content (this makes it sound like I analyze everything I eat – I don’t – just speaking in general), but on Clean it’s not about carbs or proteins or fats – though it is somewhat about where it came from and how much it has been processed. It’s about toxins and how your GI tract will react to foods. That was really interesting and I’ll probably start looking at foods in terms of carbs AND toxins as a side effect.
I didn’t have any huge increase in energy or happiness or a huge weight loss or any of those other things people say will happen when you cleanse because I eat a pretty “clean” diet anyway. That being said, I didn’t experience any ill effects either. I do think that if someone doesn’t eat “clean” on a regular basis and does Clean, they will experience some or all of these positive things. Overall I enjoyed Clean. It gave me some new recipes, a new way to look at food and a huge craving for eggs. 🙂 I still think I want to do it once a year.
That’s it for me for diets for a while. There are a few things between now and the end of November that I want to have an unrestricted diet for (including my birthday, a trip to Portland and Thanksgiving) so I’m going to take a little break. But I’ll be back after Thanksgiving with a juice fast which should be very interesting, for me at least!
I hope everyone had a great October. I’ll be back with an update soon. Go Ducks!


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