I Smell Roses

I haven’t been on any diets lately. I’ll be starting 30 days of Paleo in a couple of weeks. I’ll explain that more later but today I just want to let people know I’m still alive, and I want to talk about the Rose Bowl. For some reason, today I got really excited about it. It’s only five days away. I can’t wait! I’m also starting to get really nervous. I’ve always hated the 30 or more day gap between the last game of the season and BCS bowl games. I hate having to go a month without football and I hate that a month of no football games completely kills the momentum of the season. This makes me nervous. I also hate playing teams from the midwest, simply because they’re huge. We aren’t huge. This makes me nervous. I’m tired of great seasons, perfect seasons even, with disappointing endings. I’m tired of buying shirts that just say “Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl.” I want to buy a shirt that says “Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl Winners.” I’m nervous, but I always believe we’ll win. It’s going to happen this year. Five more days. Have a happy New Year. Go Ducks!!


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