Portland Restaurants

I realize it’s been about 9 months since my last post, but I stopped doing my diet experiments and didn’t have anything to blog about. Since then I’ve moved to Portland and have resolved to eat in at least one new restaurant a week. I decided to write about the restaurants and their food here. I started eating in these restaurants a couple of weeks ago  so there will be 3 restaurants in this post.


First up is Screendoor

Screendoor is known as the second best brunch spot in Portland, but it’s notorious for its very long wait. I should mention that my aunt, Leslie, will be joining me at these restaurants frequently. She decided to sleep in instead of go to brunch on this day though, so I went alone. I certainly enjoy sharing a meal with other people, but sometimes going alone has its perks. In this instance, the previously mentioned long wait was nonexistent for me because I was a party of one that could slip right into an empty spot at the bar. I also tend to talk to the people around me more when I’m alone, like the couple next to me who offered me some of their food because mine was taking longer (I declined, but we talked for the rest of the meal). Portland is famous for it’s bad service in restaurants so I tend to pay a lot of attention to the service I receive. I don’t think the bartender is a fair representation of the service in a restaurant because bartenders tend to be more friendly in general, and they’re always right there in front of you if you need something. That being said, service here was fine. Nothing special. My starter and drink came really quickly, but my main dish took a considerable amount of time to come out of the kitchen. That could be due to what it was – I’m not sure. Now for the food. To start, I had a baked apple with pecans and dried fruit inside. It was warm, sweet and delicious. I also ordered the chicken and waffles because every review I read said that was what I had t order. I have never desired to eat chicken and waffles before, and I don’t desire to eat them again. They weren’t bad, but I just don’t love fried chicken with waffles, I guess. Overall I enjoyed eating at Screendoor and would definitely recommend the baked apple.


Next up is Papa Haydn

I had never heard of Papa Haydn before, but Leslie suggested it after we tried to go to another restaurant that was having a “staff appreciation day” and was closed (personally I think they just closed so they could watch the Superbowl, but….). It was happy hour when we were there so we ordered off the happy hour menu. Leslie had the French Onion Soup, I had the Mac ‘n’ Mornay with bacon and greens and we shared the fondue with apples and bread. My dish was really good and I’d order it again. Leslie enjoyed the soup a lot and the fondue was great. The only issue was that there wasn’t enough bread and apples for the amount of cheese. We asked for more apples or cheese and, bringing us back to Portland’s service, were told we could have bread because it would be easier for our server. No offense to our server, but it’s not about what would be easier for you. Despite that, we enjoyed the rest of our fondue with the extra bread. As I have learned, Papa Haydn is really famous for its desserts. After learning this, I decided to try the Bourbon Ball. What is a bourbon ball? Basically chocolate and bourbon covered in chocolate and bourbon. I took it home as I was stuffed from dinner and had it later. I ate it very slowly because it was super rich, but it was delicious. Leslie and I happened to find ourselves back at Papa Haydn last night again after trying to go to several restaurants that were closed (maybe one day we’ll go there as our first choice). Leslie had the soup again and I had another dessert – a chocolate chunk cookie and salted caramel ice cream. I love chocolate chip cookies and this one was pretty good. Not the best, but pretty good. The ice cream was incredible. I would order it every time.


Finally, Broder

Broder is a Swedish themed cafe in SE Portland. I went for brunch yesterday. I went alone, but it had no effect on my wait time this time. Broder is very small, but they have a cafe next door where you can wait inside at tables with free coffee. The wait for me was about 30 minutes and that seemed to be the average for everyone else there too. It’s very crowded inside and you feel like you’re sitting with the people right next to you which is fine with me, but the couple next to me didn’t seem like they wanted to talk so I kept to myself. The service in Broder is very fast, but you get the feeling it’s because they want to get you out quickly. The food comes very quickly and the waiter was nice, but I only briefly saw him when he dropped off and took away the plates. The best part of the meal was when the host brought me an extra from the kitchen (another perk of eating alone). I honestly cannot tell you what it was called. He explained it to me, but he just kept saying words I didn’t know and it was really loud so I’ll give you my description. They were three sweet bread balls covered in powdered sugar served with jam and lemon curd, and they were great. I ordered “lost eggs” which are baked eggs with smoked trout, greens and a parmesan-panko crust served with toast and butter. Like I said, the service here was rushed, but the host was an exception and made the experience great. I even made a point of thanking him again as I left because he was so great. I’d recommend this place for brunch. Just know you’re going to have to wait and you might feel rushed, but the food is worth it.



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