Week 1431


Snowy Sunriver

FullSizeRender 370

Time for a rest

FullSizeRender 352

Dogs Dogs Dogs

FullSizeRender 355   FullSizeRender 362

Some people have the best views

FullSizeRender 361



FullSizeRender 359


The Deschutes

FullSizeRender 354

Mountains everywhere

FullSizeRender 351   FullSizeRender 365


The road to Klamath Falls

FullSizeRender 356   FullSizeRender 364


The light did something weird to this photo

FullSizeRender 363

It’s so warm!!!


So I was driving down the freeway and this lady with a bunch of mannequin heads in her back window passed me…..

FullSizeRender 366


This morning’s sunrise

FullSizeRender 357

At least there was a good view while I was stuck in traffic

FullSizeRender 371

Wonder where they’re going

FullSizeRender 367

Mt. Hood peaking over

FullSizeRender 360

Great view (I told you some people have great views)

FullSizeRender 368


Reflection (stuck in traffic again)

FullSizeRender 369

Another sunny day!

FullSizeRender 353


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