Week 1432



FullSizeRender 352

Sunrise I got out of bed specifically to photograph, then went back to bed

FullSizeRender 356

My favorite restaurant in Portland – I try to go once a month

FullSizeRender 346

Tank tops in April!

FullSizeRender 354


Cooked out of this all day

FullSizeRender 347

I like the sky here

FullSizeRender 345

Close up

FullSizeRender 340


Parking lot sky

FullSizeRender 348

I like the sky here too

FullSizeRender 358

Sometimes we like to hold hands

FullSizeRender 341


Going back to Oregon

FullSizeRender 355

Oregon tree or Washington tree? Who knows.

FullSizeRender 343

There’s been a lot of sun lately

FullSizeRender 359



FullSizeRender 342

Bridge + Mountain + New Building = Portland

FullSizeRender 344


It’s April 7th!!!

FullSizeRender 339

Portland, Oregon

FullSizeRender 350

See? Sun.

FullSizeRender 353


Took a different route to work this morning and ran into Paul (not literally)

FullSizeRender 349

Again, it’s APRIL!


Coffee while I work

FullSizeRender 360

My coffeeshop view

FullSizeRender 361     FullSizeRender 351

These were even bluer in real life

FullSizeRender 357


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