Week 1434


Driving from Grants Pass to Roseburg

FullSizeRender 342

Probably the last time I’ll see my grandparents’ house. Somehow it looked smaller than when it had furniture.

FullSizeRender 352

Sunning themselves

FullSizeRender 343


There she is in her spot again

FullSizeRender 341

The view

FullSizeRender 355


Headed to the coast

FullSizeRender 353

Somewhere along the coast

FullSizeRender 346

A brief sunny moment on the beach

FullSizeRender 344


Sunrise on the way out of Corvallis

FullSizeRender 339

There were so many more birds than this in the sky

FullSizeRender 351

A dead, but still kind of pretty, flower at Coffeehouse Northwest

FullSizeRender 354

Back home with this guy

FullSizeRender 345

He hates having his picture taken so I appreciate these photos a lot

FullSizeRender 347

The moon was out

FullSizeRender 348


Longview, WA

FullSizeRender 349

A nice park in Longview

FullSizeRender 350     FullSizeRender 356


Some very colorful houses in NW Portland

FullSizeRender 340

The view when I turned around

FullSizeRender 357

Glowing mountain

FullSizeRender 358


The sun left again

FullSizeRender 359


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