Week 1437


There’s a million bees living on this plant at my parents’ house

FullSizeRender 356


The sky on the way back from Salem

FullSizeRender 341


FullSizeRender 343


I’m not a fan of this new trend

FullSizeRender 352

Sunny at the beach today

FullSizeRender 342


Weird sun photo

FullSizeRender 348

Mt. Saint Helens is in there somewhere

FullSizeRender 350

Today’s lunch view

FullSizeRender 340

Finally home. It feels like it’s been a year.

FullSizeRender 344


The perks of getting up early and Daylight Savings Time meeting

FullSizeRender 349     FullSizeRender 345

Another angle of the mountain

FullSizeRender 346

And today’s lunch spot

FullSizeRender 351


FullSizeRender 347


Community Plate: McMinnville, OR. Go there. Always.

FullSizeRender 353

Traffic views

FullSizeRender 355     FullSizeRender 354


This is what I want to do all weekend

FullSizeRender 339


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