Week 1450


Bored on the way to hike Tumalo Mountain

FullSizeRender 357

Dog modeling at the top

FullSizeRender 341

FullSizeRender 344
Photo cred: Megan
FullSizeRender 345
Photo cred: Megan

Human modeling at the top

FullSizeRender 339   FullSizeRender 350

A trip to the lake after the hike

FullSizeRender 342

The Coco

FullSizeRender 347

After hike cider tasting and lamb roti eating

FullSizeRender 356


Sunriver walk view

FullSizeRender 348


Morning sky on the way to work

FullSizeRender 343


I want to spend more time in Hood River

FullSizeRender 358


FullSizeRender 346

A park somewhere on I-84

FullSizeRender 353


FullSizeRender 351

Downtown Pendleton

FullSizeRender 360



FullSizeRender 340

Bennington Lake in Walla Walla

FullSizeRender 349   FullSizeRender 352   FullSizeRender 355   FullSizeRender 359


Mt. Hood

FullSizeRender 370


Birds above the sunrise

FullSizeRender 369

Mt. Jefferson

FullSizeRender 363

Hiking to Tamanawas Falls

FullSizeRender 365   FullSizeRender 367   FullSizeRender 362   FullSizeRender 368   FullSizeRender 361   FullSizeRender 364   FullSizeRender 372   FullSizeRender 371   FullSizeRender 375

Mt. Hood again

FullSizeRender 366

The sky last night while I was stuck at a train

FullSizeRender 373

Comedy show

FullSizeRender 374


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